Cut Down A Tree In Lagos, Go to Jail!

Cut Down A Tree In Lagos, Go to Jail! 1

Lagos state Commissioner for the Environment, Tunji Bello, has warned that persons who take delight in cutting down trees in the state risk going to jail.

Speaking through Mrs Adebola Raji, on Friday at the Lagos state ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation training centre in Ajao Estate Anthony village in Lagos, Bello said his ministry is planning to plant 15,000 trees in various parts of the state in the next four years.

So, far, it has succeeded in planting about 10,000 trees, even as the ministry will not tolerate any persons who cut down trees either to make fire or for other purposes.

The Lagos environmental commissioner spoke during the commissioning of projects executed by the Region 1 of the International Association of Lions Clubs held at the training centre in Ajao Estate in Anthony Village, Lagos.

He advised Lagosians not to cut down trees in their own interest as trees absorb the carbon dioxide exhaled by human beings and giving out oxygen for use by human beings, as well as beautifying and shielding our environment from thunder and other stormy weather.

In his reaction, Lion Dr Ayoade Adesokan, the district governor of Lions Club District 404B Nigeria thanked the commissioner for drawing the attention of Lagosians to the health and other benefits of planting trees and promised to partner with the Lagos state government in the area of rendering humanitarian services to the people.

Source: pmnews

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