Five Years Imprisonment If You Yab First Lady Again

Five Years Imprisonment If You Yab First Lady Again 1

Am hearing gist, that the Federal Government of Nigeria has passed a new law in the country making it a criminal offense to “diss (yarb) the first lady of the federation, Patience Jonathan.

This report is as a result of the disrespectful reactions from Nigerians in response to the “Vocabulary Missiles” unleashed from the First lady.

The Law which was called “Patience Law” says any one who says anything bad about the first lady’s grammar would face five years imprisonment.

The info went further to say a spokesman for the lawmakers said: “Some people just have no respect for their elders. They keep attacking this poor woman in an attempt to stain the character of her husband, our dear president. But all that will end now. With this new law we have passed today, anyone who dares to insult the first-lady will face a five year jail term.”

Hmmmm ok oooo until then….In this our naija, na lie joor.

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