What Sorta Stupid And Wicked Love is This???



  I don’t know why a man who claimed he loves a girl will have the mind to do such to her…Besides can you see how pretty the lady is….I heard this happened in Lekki Lagos Nigeria today and that the reason why her boyfriend butchered her was cos she cheated on him…More on this when we get the full details. Meanwhile may her soul RIP….Ladies should be careful with the type of dude they date cos some of them are serious monsters.


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  1. @obinna okeke are u 4 real? you must be kidding me? so what if he invested his life savings on her, did she put a gun to his head? some nigerian guys are senseless and you are one of them.

  2. @ Obinna, what do you mean by invested? Is she a business venture? Even if they were married, divorce her for cheating. No one has the right to take another person's life. Its so wrong!

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