50 Cent Predicts Own Death!

50 Cent Predicts Own Death! 1

Hip-Hop Mogul 50 cent has predicted his own death .This comes shortly after his new single “Girls Go Wild” which features Jeremiah was released prematurely. the G-Unit CEO has also expressed his disappointment with his record label, ‘Interscope’
He tweeted “I have lost all the faith in the team I’m on. I having nothing left to say I will not be promoting my music.”50 Cent Predicts Own Death! 2



“To be conscious that life is short is not suicidal. I’m good if I die tonight. I’ve taken care of the people who took care of me when I couldn’t take care of myself.”
50 Cent Predicts Own Death! 3
   50 cent also recently signed distribution deal of his energy drink “Street King“with Pepsi to be able to fight hunger in Africa. Meanwhile 50cent  is not the only one predicting his death. Kanye west predicted his last month and even described how he wants his funeral to be…Why are they predicting their own deaths pls or have they dabbled into something bad?????

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