ARU KA ARU: Cult Group Terrorises Obosi Residents

ARU KA ARU: Cult Group Terrorises Obosi Residents 1

People of Obosi in Anambra State now live in fear as another terror group maiming and killing innocent people has sprung up in the area.

Following complaints by prominent indigenes to the Inspector General of Police (IG) Muhammed Dahiru Abubakar, has dispatched a team of crack detectives from Abuja to arrest all those involved, including some pro…minent indigenes of the area, who allegedly sponsor them.

In a petition written by prominent indigenes of Obosi, who are scared of going home, it was alleged that the terror group was formed and sponsored with the sole purpose of using them to terrorise residents of the town, once anybody speaks against the backers.

They alleged that the terror group was gaining influence daily, as unemployed youths were being initiated in large numbers.

According to them, this has scared many prominent people of Obosi from going home, as they claimed that the situation in Obosi was degenerating into a national problem.

In the petition signed by Hamilton N. Ogbodo, counsel to some Obosi indigenes, they alleged that the sponsors of the group, initiated the dare-devil hoodlums into a cult and armed them as seen in the above photograph taken during a recent initiation ceremony of new members.

These hoodlums, the people alleged, were armed by their sponsors with machetes and guns, including two Hilux pick-up vehicles with registration Nos. LSD 75DAJ and LSD 75IAJ mounted with siren to harass, intimidate and unleash mayhem on innocent Obosi residents.

According to them, any person who dares express a view which is contrary to the view of their sponsors will be brutally dealt with “and if he escaped death, they will vandalise his house.”

These hoodlums, it was alleged are so brazen that if their convoy was moving in Obosi and one failed to get off the road for them to pass, one’s vehicle would be battered.

The worst of all is that people are afraid to report to the police because they have so formed a parallel government and seem to be above the law.

“This is because the police have been so compromised and are afraid of the group as they (group) would be immediately informed of the identity of the person who lodged the complaint and they will ensure that the person is thoroughly dealt with.

“An example of this group’s brutality was on April 9, 2012 when one Chukwudi Agwuegbu narrowly escaped death at the hands of these terrorists as they lacerated his chest and abdomen with gun shots and machete cuts.

“However, the policemen who were invited to arrest the suspects received the beating of their lives and their vehicle damaged,” the petitioners stated.

“What surprises us most is that upon all these humiliations suffered by the police, they have not made any further attempt to arrest these hoodlums.

“Again, on April 5th, 2012, the same group of terrorists unleashed mayhem on innocent people in Obosi, they did not report to the police because the police in Anambra appear to be helpless over the situation and the victims, being afraid of compounding their problems went to various hospitals for treatment,” the petitioners added.

While beseeching the IGP to step in and save the law-abiding indigenes of Obosi by stopping the terror group, the petitioners alleged that the hoodlums seized people’s lands and properties with impunity, extorted money from them at will and fired their pump actions guns at random wounding and scaring people. TRIBUNE

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