Someone on facebook is bent on dragging the good name of
screen goddess Stella Damasus in the scam mud and the actress is not happy with
it (who will be). The Nollywood star actress who has worked really hard to earn
for herself a good name is now fighting to save her name. An imposter on
facebook is said to be defrauding people with a Heart Foundation purportedly
own by the actress. The actress denied any knowledge of the imposter or any
Heart Foundation owned by her. She took to facebook to denounce the imposter
and the said foundation. This she wrote on facebook…Continue to see it.

Please I need to bring something to the notice of my fans.
An Unknown person set up a facebook account with the name “Stella Damasus
Aboderin Nollywood Actress”. Whoever this is, he/she is a FRAUDSTER. I do
not have a HEART FOUNDATION that this person is using to raise money. I have
the Stella Damasus Arts Foundation. Please make sure you do not have any
dealings with this fraudsters. I have ordered them to shut down this account
and stop using my name to defraud people.

This is the real Stella Damasus account and I have some other accounts which are:
Stella Obiageli Damasus, Stella O Damasus, Friends of Stella Damasus, Fans of
Stella Damasus (For Fans by Fans), SDA Productions, Lupus Healthcare Foundation
and The Stella Damasus Show.

Please I am asking the person that is running this fake account to shut down
because I don’t want anyone using my name for malicious things or else I will
have to take it up with security agencies.

I have never asked anyone at any point in time via Facebook or any social media
to donate cash to my foundation. So please people, do not give money to this
person thinking that you are helping my foundation.

Please beware; I have stated my real accounts above. Any other account in my
name is fake.

Stella Damasus.


A word is enough for
those that listens

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  1. It's a shame, Technology has it pros and cons, how easy is identity fraud these days, Facebook knows and have it all, the good, the bad and the ugly of life all in same boat, personally i think she should close all those fb accounts and keep one, or what do you think?

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