Jos ‘wonder bank’ vanishes with investors’ money

Jos ‘wonder bank’ vanishes with investors’ money 1
Hundreds of customers of  Jos Wonder
Bank yesterday stormed the premises of the bank located on No: 21 Wamba
Road only to discover that the management staff of the organization had

The investors, who trooped in to collect their monthly interest were
disappointed when they found the office under lock and key and the
premise empty. It was gathered that the bank usually gave a monthly
or weekly interest of 100% of an investor’s initial deposits…..Continue

Investigation also revealed that highly
respected personalities in the state, students, business men and women
as well as civil servants had deposited huge amount of money in the bank
with the hope of collecting 100% interest every month. 
An investor, Mr.
Zango Josiah, said he invested N100,000 with the hope of getting 100
percent interest every month but was surprised to hear that the
management of the bank had disappeared this morning.
Another investor, Peter Eze, who
invested N125,000, said the presence of mobile police personnel and some
new generation banks around the area was what gave him the impression
that the business was genuine.

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