Tweet of the day: Tonto Dike on Future Awards nomination

you remember what happened last year November 2011 when Rita Dominic
accused Ini Edo of inflating her votes for the Arik Airline Award
category for best actress of the year? The same is just about to happen
now. To continue with the gist click read more below.

Here was what Rita tweeted last year and even blogger, Stella Dimokokorkus also responded to it.
“Ok, I have to announce this o! INI EDO who had 200 votes last night has eclipsed the first actress by 200,000 votes. JEZUXXXX”
Stella replied this way: “If d oda
contenders were cheatn, dey must hve don it with sense. Hw d hell am I
suppose to kip quiet wen @ ini 4phil takes d cheating overboard?
And the outcry eventually led to the cancelation of the award.
Tonto Dikeh took to her twitter page and tweeted this;
Tweet of the day: Tonto Dike on Future Awards nomination 2

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well…Could she be referring to Ini Edo? Going by Future Awards, Ini is
30 years old while Tonto is 26 years old. And they are the two most
prominent actors in the Future Awards category for ‘Best actor of the
year’ other nominees are: OC Ukeje, Ivie Okujaye, Gideon Okeke, Ramman Hassan, Kabirah Mojisola Kafidipe, and Lala Akindoju.

We sincerely hope this won’t be the beginning of another war in Nollywood.

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