Charly Boy’s Naked Pictures Hit The Internet

Photo: Someone just in box me dis nau nau....Na who be dis? Snoop Lion (formerly Snoop Doug).....Or...?
Charly Boy’s naked pictures hit the internet yesterday and lots of naked comments are being amassed..
I don’t seem to understand why a 60 year old man would choose this, not that am concerned but it just sulks.     This acts are meant for young boys who wanna become celebrities or known at all cost. I guess his trying to hard to remain in the spotlight. To see a picture of him posing with a Python he took to the Enugu  auditions of  West African Idol click HERE and to see a picture of him posing dead in a coffin click HERE….. Another picture of him when you continue. Meanwhile what do you think of him and his antiques.

Photo: If una say the other one na Photoshop, na wetin una go call dis one?  Dis 60-year-old judge pikin dey mad...Make una call a spade im ugly name, joor, though I no care at all how anyone wan take live im life o!

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