Has D’banj Finally Found Mrs Dbanj???

 Has D'banj Finally Found Mrs Dbanj??? 1 
 If the latest gist on the
Koko master is anything to go by then his real girlfriend could be
ex-beauty queen, Adama Indimi, daughter of Maiduguri based
Multi-Millionaire, Alhaji Mohammed Indimi, who is also General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida’s in-law…..The main reason for these speculations is related to the tweets between
both parties. First of all, On August 13, 2012, Dbanj tweeted – On my way to club
icon w/@NaetoC and the crew! 2nyt we drinking 2 celebrate my baby
@Presido_Adama happy birthday love!,…..Continue to see more tweets….

See tweets below:
Has D'banj Finally Found Mrs Dbanj??? 2

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Has D'banj Finally Found Mrs Dbanj??? 3

Has D'banj Finally Found Mrs Dbanj??? 4

Has D'banj Finally Found Mrs Dbanj??? 5

 But this seems not to ring an alarm to many of his fans because a star like him can call any of his fans My Love.

They didn’t end there conversation there, Dbanj recent London Concert London concert on Bank Holiday Monday, August 27, 2012, Adama again tweeted
”You make me do happy” This was followed by pictures of first herself and his dancers backstage, followed by a picture
of the supposed love-birds together looking very sweet together.
Definitely, it means Adama flew to London to watch her super boy on

On August 29, 2012 she posted” Happy love, happy laugh,
happy soul! And afterwards ”You make me do happy!” In some hours later,
she tweeted – “When mumsi said ”I like your new Hannah Montana remix” and followed it with a picture on instagram.

The question now is – has DBanj finally found his Mrs. Dbanj????

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