2 Nigerians Win Gold Medals At Paralympics Games

2 Nigerians Win Gold Medals At Paralympics Games 12 Nigerians Win Gold Medals At Paralympics Games 2

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Yakubu Adesokan yesterday, won the first gold medal for Nigeria in the on-going Paralympic Games in London. The 33 year-old did it in style by breaking the world record in the
men’s 48 category by lifting 178 kg, which is over three times his body
weigh…He broke his personal best record twice.

Today, Nigeria’s female weight lifter, Ivory Nwokorie, won the gold medal
in the women’s 44kg power lifting at the on-going Paralympic games in London. Nwokorie beat Cigdem Dede from Turkey, who won the silver medal, while Lidiia Soloviova of Ukraine claimed the bronze medal…..Go Team Nigeria. What the normal complete human beings couldn’t do, our dearest beloveth’s are doing it out there big time. 

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