Katy Perry Rejected $20 Million “American Idol” Deal

Katy Perry Rejected $20 Million "American Idol" Deal 1

According to TMZ, American Idol” desperately wanted Katy Perry to fill one of its vacant judge’s seats, so much so,  they offered her $20 MILLION … but she she still turned it down …Sources close to the production told TMZ … “Idol” pursued Perry relentlessly for weeks, eager to get her to sign on the dotted line.According to their sources, they started the offer at $18 million, but threw even more cash on the table … $20 MILLION for a one year contract.Katy made it clear … she was NOT interested and money wasn’t the issue…. aside from the fact that Katy’s schedule made it impossible to do the show … she just didn’t think it was right career choice for her….I cant believe she actually turned millions of celebrities dream…American Celebs would readily  jump at the offer before negotiating the price.

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