India To Charge BritainOn Per Head Basis For Over Staying In India Till 1947

Reading this article, and seriously regretting why am Nigerian! Look at common India has come up with a better way to deal with Britain and our own dear Naija is summoning British Counsellor…Msctchewwww
The Indian government has announced that it will be charging the British government arrears in rent and visa fees for overstaying till 1947. Calculations will be done on a per head per year basis, beginning in the early 17th century.
In other retaliatory measures, described by some analysts as ‘draconian’, Doordarshan newscasters will now speak in American accents, the Indian Army will no longer play bagpipes, and Union Law Minister Kapil Sibal is being presented an award for ‘Excellence in English Poetry’. The government has also demanded the immediate return of the Kohinoor Diamond, Art Malik, and the entire North West Wing of the British Museum.
The Indian government has also arrested prominent Britons Mark Tully and Katrina Kaif, prior to deportation for non-payment.
British PM David Cameron has reacted strongly.
“As soon as we figure out what the visa rules are,” he said, “We will give a befitting reply.”

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