Monogamy Is Stupid, Men Were Built To Mate With More Than One Woman – Akon

Am sure chicks gonna go hella crazy with this dude and guys gonna go ”Dayum! that’s my man”! Am particularly upset cos when i found out my boyfriend was cheating on me and i told him i was gonna cheat back **covers face**, this is the same ish he vomitted. Now am madt again……Read what Akon told TMZ below and tell us if you sincerely agree with him:

The average guy in the world has a main girl and they got a side chick. And then they got a jumpoff.   

At the end of the day as a male we are natural breeders by nature. We can’t even escape it if we wanted to.  

Let’s say you put 1,000 guys on one corner and one bad chick walk passed. You gon’ see 1,000 heads go, ‘Damn.’  

They don’t even know why they doing it. They’re natural breeders. It’s in their genes, they can’t help it.   

Even if you’re walking with your girl and you’re holding her hand and you see a bad chick walk by and she lookin’ at you like, ‘Boy you better not look,’ you gonna wanna look so bad and you don’t even know why that urge is there, but you’re a natural breeder. It’s what we do. 

Men are put on this earth to breed and the reason why God put multiple women on this earth is for that.  

People are having relationships, boyfriend and girlfriend, and treating it like it’s actually marriage. You’re just dating.   

The whole purpose of dating is so you can date this one, and date this one, and date this one until you find out, ‘Okay, this is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. Okay now, I commit to what’s called marriage.’   

You find that one woman that supplies everything that you desire in a woman, of course that will be a motivation to stick with that one woman, but I don’t know no one woman that can satisfy every man’s one need.   

It’s impossible. Just like there’s not one man that can satisfy a woman’s every need, but women aren’t built to breed like that or mate with more than one partner. Women aren’t built that way, men are.

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