Nigerian Socialite Taiwo Jamani Dies In Dublin After Street Attack By Business Associate

Taiwo Jamani 2
I wonder the sort of business deal gone wrong that must have warranted this from his fellow Nigerian. Spotted the story below at EMN NEWS UK
Nigerian Taiwo Jamani, who was attacked by a fellow countryman last month in Sword, Dublin  has died from his injuries. Taiwo, 45, suffered serious damage to his back-head as he was attacked by his known friend after an argument broke out in Swords, Dublin on 10 October this year.
 Sources claimed their feud emanated from a botched business transaction almost one year prior to the attack. The two had met for the first time after they disengaged following the business feud. An argument ensued and Mr, Jamani, a human resource specialist who owns Data Link  company in Dublin was attacked with the baseball bat, drawn from a BMW car parked on the street.
One Jooda Akanbi, 37, from Applewood in Swords, Dublin was charged in connection with the assault and is currently in police custody,  charged with causing gross bodily harm to another man. Now, his charges will be upgraded to murder or manslaughter.
Shoppers and passers-by looked on in horror as Taiwo Jamani (45) was savagely attacked in Swords, Co Dublin.

A fight between Mr Jamani and another man spilled out onto the middle of Swords’ Main Street and resulted in the victim being left unconscious.
Taiwo Jamani scene

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He died in Beaumont Hospital in Dublin on Wednesday.
Eye witnesses described lst October scenes of the confrontation as “mayhem” and said the injured Taiwo had  suffered a violent blow to the back of the head.
“Then the man with the bat held it high over his head and brought it down hard on the other man’s head and he just slumped to the ground,” said witness Alan Murphy.
Sources said that the victim was fighting for his life in Beaumont Hospital last night, while the other man was in custody.
Gardai believe the pair knew each other and were involved in a “long running and personal dispute”. Both are from Nigeria.
Traffic in Swords was brought to a standstill as the two men fought at around 12.50pm |yesterday.
Shoppers were shocked as the fight ended up on the road, and witnesses described |their shock as they saw Mr Jamani fall to the ground unconscious.
The street was closed to traffic as emergency crews worked to stabilise his condition.
At the same time his attacker paced the street until gardai came and he was taken into custody.
“It was shocking. It’s not something you expect to see,” said Mr Murphy, who works in the nearby Boylesports.
“First they were pushing and shoving. I think one was waiting for the other because the boot of his car was open and there were two bats in it even before the fight began,” he told the Herald.
Gardai preserved the scene for several hours while a forensic examination took place.
One garda from the technical bureau photographed the scene, including a baseball glove found on the rear seat of the blue 00 Cork registered BMW car.
At the scene the victim’s bloodstained clothing could be seen on the road, as well as medical swabs and a scissors used by the emergency crews to cut the clothing from the victim.
Gardai confirmed a 37-year-old man had been arrested and was in custody.
Following the attack, The Police(Gardaí) called for eye witneses as the incident took place in broad daylight  at around 12.20pm Police sought  for statements from anyone who may have recorded any images on mobile phones urging them to contact on the hotline,  01-6664700.
As the case appeared in Court last month, there was no application for Jooda Akanbi’s bail.


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