Celebrated transsexual party-goer speaks out about her ‘painful’ transformation- including breaking her lower ribs to look thinner and acquire the most expensive body in the world

My story: Amanda Lepore, one of the most famous transsexual fixtures on the New York party scene, has opened up about the emotional and physical obstacles she battled growing up
One of the most famous transsexual fixtures on the New York party scene has opened up about the plastic surgery that’s behind her larger-than-life look.
Amanda Lepore, 46, reveals in a first person piece for Into The Gloss that after having a sex change at the age of 19 she went about getting three breast augmentations, buttock implants and even had her bottom ribs broken she she could achieve a smaller waist.
‘I think Raquel Welch and Cher did that, too,’ she said of the unusual procedure, adding: ‘It’s illegal in the U.S., but I had it done in Mexico. They break the floating rib in the back and push it in, so there’s no scar.’ 

Rather than emulate the girls I grew up with who made fun of me, I decided I wanted to look like a movie star. It was like an escape,’ the dancer, singer and party host recalled.
Luckily no major alterations were required, as Ms Lepore said she had ‘very girly features’ to begin with and would often pass for a girl in her early teens.
Asked how much her cosmetic work has cost in total, the busty blonde declined to provide an answer, merely stating: ‘There is a reason I am labeled ‘The Most Expensive Body On Earth’.
Perfect proportions: After having a sex change at the age of 19 the dancer, singer and party host invested in extreme plastic surgery

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She says that her sex change from male to female, was the most painful procedure she’s had done.
‘It didn’t hurt when I got it done at the hospital,’ she recounted.
‘But they give you a dilator as part of the healing process, which you have to keep in for extended periods of time to stretch the vaginal opening. 
‘If I could have a crystal ball and see what I look like now – you know, modeling, hanging out with Daphne Guinness – I’d be like, “Wow, I can’t believe this”
‘It felt like a knife. It was the most painful thing I had ever experienced.

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