BE INSPIRED: Incredible jewellery designed and crafted by woman who was born without digits on her hands

Jeweller preview
Annette Gabbedey, 48, who has no fingers, creates intricate rings, earrings and necklaces that sell for thousands of pounds at her boutique in Frome, Somerset, and insists: ‘I’m not disabled at all’. The Hatton Garden-trained jeweller works with diamonds, emeralds and other precious and semi-precious stones set in a variety of metals to create her covetable jewels, left and top right. She credits her family for always telling her to ‘get out there.
I love people who strive to succeed despite all odds. If she can do it, you also can! Peep pictures of her at work and he incredible designs when you continue!

Mrs Gabbedey trained in London's Hatton Garden before moving to Somerset 24 years ago

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Mrs Gabbedey tucks a file under her leather wrist strap when she needs to file a piece of jewellery down
The trained goldsmith uses regular tools to create her pieces which sell for thousands of pounds
Mrs Gabbedey insists she is not disabled and says she imagines fingers would 'get in the way' of her artistry
This yellow and white gold necklace features aquamarines with an aquamarine and diamond pendant
The jeweller has earned a reputation as a leading opal specialist - this ring features an opal set in yellow gold
Mrs Gabbedey made herself an opal and diamond necklace worth £25,000 to celebrate 21 years of trading


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