Dr Mike Murdock Visited Nigeria, And Gave COZA’s Pastor Biodun fatoyinbo A Rolls Royce

mike murdock in nigeria


Dr Mike Murdock Visited Nigeria, And Gave COZA's Pastor Biodun fatoyinbo A Rolls Royce 1
Popular preacher, Mike Murdock visited and left Nigeria 2 days ago. He visited commonwealth of Zion assembly in Abuja and after praying for Pastor Mike and his family, he gave pastor Biodun a Rolls Royce and further committed to his family. Read how a church member narrated it on his blog

It was such a mind-blowing, jaw-dropping, box-breaking, Heart-warming and Life-changing moment as I witnessed the most Phenomenal Moment in History, hours ago.
The Congregation was thrown into celebration for this one-of-a-kind, Never-seen-before act of Love and unspeakable Kindness on Display.

This was the 12th and last day of “12 Days of Glory”. An annual conference heavenly inspired and organised by the Commonwealth Of Zion Assembly- COZA. Starting from the 2nd through 13th of January. Attended were World-class Ministers of the Gospel; Bishop Thomas A. Bishop Felix Adejumo, Bishop Noel Jones, Michelle M. Hammond, Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo, Dr. Mike Murdock and others who preached with well Seasoned Words of Grace. It was a Life transforming moment.
Dr. Mike Murdock crowning up the meeting did the Exceptional of what happens to be a Most Memorable day for COZA and will hit the Air-ways soon.
He was in fact eager to do it as he couldn’t wait, till after the message. I am filled with amazement and gratitude. This 68 year old Wealthy Prominent and Adept Preacher released a Million-dollar Gift to the Senior Pastor of COZA.
According to him, he had initially asked pastor Biodun in secret if he wanted it but since he did not accept it, he decided to come on publicly to offer it to the Pastor’s wife, which she gladly accepted. The Gift of a Rolls-Royce threw the Church into Shouts of Celebration and moved the Pastor and his wife to tears.
Now when a Guest speaker decides to honour the Host in such a manner, it is worth the Wonder and amazement. As the reverse should have been the case. As we speak the Car is on its way to Nigeria and Grace my Pastor’s Car Park. Wow!
Now here is the most emotional moment for me. Dr. Mike made a Life-long commitment to the Pastor’s Kids. Four of them in number. I just couldn’t hold my tears anymore as he knelt down on this hard floor for what took about 20 minutes to verbally commit; including them in his Will and to be a second Father to them for as Long as he Lives. 
Wow! It was Church unusual. Afterwards he led the Church to Bless the Pastor. This surely is a “net-breaking and boat-sinking” testimony. Driving home I was marveled, I still shout at intervals. This must be an act of God’s Favor. I Celebrate my Pastor. This is a great way to start the year. I am Happy!!

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