See Nude Pictures Of French President's Mistress Julie Gayet

French President has-been under some serious fire since his affair with actress Julie Gayet was leaked and photos of him sneaking in a bike to see her was leaked to the press.
The rumours have led to the hospitalization of the First Lady and  Mr Presidents girlfriend Valérie Trierweiler and have also shone the spotlight into Gayet’s personal life.
Peep nude pictures of the actress when you continue! ***viewers discretion advised***


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Julie Gayet, the woman Closer has said is having an affair with President Francoise Hollande, has appeared nude in several of her films
Raunchy: Gayet walks past the camera with nothing on her bottom half before taking her bra off as well in Sans Lassier De Trances

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  1. Omg….d first lady was hospitalized?cos her husband was cheating?she should go to africa and see cheating on anoda.level.if she marry nija guy,she go just commit suicide…

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