X-rays Shows Bottle Stuck In Man’s Butt… And The Hooked Wire He Tried To Pull It Out With That Got Trapped As Well

An X-ray taken at a hospital in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, China, showing the bottle and piece of wire in the man's abdomen
All these oyibo sef! How come he was pushing the bottle into his office and he didnt realise he was just holding the tip? Na so the thing sweet reach?
A Chinese man who got a bottle stuck in his anus was forced to go to hospital for medical help after attempting – and failing – to fish it out using a curved piece of wire.
The man went to hospital in Fuzhou, capital of southeast China’s Fujian Province, complaining of stomach pains. However, when doctors enquired about the cause the man claimed he had no idea what was responsible.
It was only when staff performed X-rays that they discovered a bottle and a curved piece of wire lodged in his abdomen. 
The man confessed that he inserted the bottle at home, but was then unable to remove it. Out of panic he found a piece of steel wire and tried to hook the bottle out, but failed.
Doctors were forced to operate to remove the bottle and wire and discovered that the man’s bowel had been pierced in several places….more pictures when you continue!

Operation: Doctors were forced to operate to remove the bottle and wire from his abdomen

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Revelation: The man was admitted to hospital with stomach pains but had to admit he'd inserted the bottle himself and then tried to remove it with a wire when it got stuck


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