Zimbabwe Woman Post Younger Sisters Nude Pictures On Facebook After Catching Her In Bed With Her Nigerian Boyfriend

A Zimbabwean woman, Ayanda Monica Simango, who caught her younger sister in bed with her Nigerian boyfriend (Martin Arinze from Enugu state) decided to deal with her by uploading her nude pitures on her facebook wall!
She posted the pictures with the caption  “That’s why l cal u a bi_ch.” and it took the intervention of her facebook friends before she deleted the pictures!
Peep Martin’s pic and her younger sister when you continue


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Ayanda and Martins
This is how 247nigerianewsupdate reported the story:
Zimbabwean woman, Ayanda Monica Simango has lost her mind after busting her younger sister having s*x with her Nigerian boyfriend.
Her sister was soo mad that she has decided the most befitting way to humiliate and fix younger sister – she post her unclad pictures on her Facebook Wall.
Details to the whole thing are still sketchy but one of our Facebook page followers tipped us and we managed to go undercover and access her Facebook account.
Ayanda is so mad and upset now that she is not entertaining communication from anyone.
unclad photos of the sister as well as the Nigerian boyfriend identified as Martin Arinze from Enugu Nigeria were posted on several popular websites.
We wonder what could have driven the younger sister to do that to her sister, but there is a myth that Nigerian men are known to lavishly pamper and spoil their ladies in stark contrast to most Zimbabwean men.
At least according to the tales that ladies tell. So perhaps this could have been the motivating factor, of course scandals like these happen everyday, but the sister’s reaction has just been epic!

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