See The Suicide Bomber Who Killed Over 100 People Yesterday At Nyanya Park Abuja

Yesterday over 100 died when a suicide bomber blew himself up around 6:45am at Nyanya motor park when people were scrambling for buses to get to their various destinations. 
See Pictures from the scene of the Bomb explosion, ***Viewers Discretion Advised***
PHOTO Of The Day: This Can Be Done Only In Nigeria.


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  1. I am not a bomb expert but from common sense, one should know that with that kind of impact, as seen in the gory pictures of the bomb blast, the body of the "bomber" which is supposedly at the epicentre of the blast will remain intact this way.
    this is likely another cover over plot by the people that are supposed to be responsible for our security but have failed us or another case of misidentification.

  2. I was expecting to see a cctv footage or a satelite image of the suicide bomber before the attack and am seeing this….come on, y'all can do better than this. The fragment/impact of the bomb will so scatter the DNA of any body within 50metre radius around that park#commonsense

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