John Okafor aka Mr Ibu’s advice To Ladies Who Pay For Movie Roles

John Okafor aka Mr Ibu's advice To Ladies Who Pay For Movie Roles 1

In an interview with Vanguard Newspaper, John Okafor gave the advice below to newbies and to ladies who pay for movie roles.

To Newbies, he said

I’m advising those who are greedy, who are coming to the industry all because of money, come into the industry, work on your face first, discover who you are in the industry, learn, ask questions, get the proper thing to do then before the money would come in. You won’t even know when the money starts coming. 

To girls who pay for movie roles:

I advise those girls that pay for roles, if you’re one of those that go to producer, director to give money to get roles, you will never get out of this industry. You will never see the light of the day. Leave that thing. Go ahead and allow God to give you your own position in the industry. Keep doing what you’re doing. The one that is yours is yours, the one that is not yours, forget about it.

Do not go and give your body because of roles. Do not go and give money because you want to get a role in a production. That is not how the industry grows. If you pay, they will give you something you’re going to do, you’re not going to be anybody. The industry is like a spirit. They will reject you immediately you begin to pay yourself in. 

What is going to happen to those who are studying Theatre Arts in the University? What will they do when they come out? Will they be paying for roles again or will they be paying for having spent time in school to learn or will they be paying for serving you? I’m angry about that. I don’t want to go further about that.

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