Watch Video Of Beyonce’s Sister Solange Attacking Jayz Inside An Elevator

The aftermath: Jay Z looked shellshocked as the trio left the elevator after the fight at the Standard Hotel in New York last MondayWhat happened here? Jay Z holds his face as Solange marches ahead angrily minutes after attacking him in the elevator


Beyonce’s younger sister Solange Knowles attacked Jay Z in an elevator at a Met Gala after party at the Standard Hotel in New York.

Surveillance video shows Beyonce’s sister punching and kicking the music mogul until she’s physically restrained by another man. In the clip, Jay Z never attempts to hit back, and Beyonce watches it unfold, mostly without acting.

Jay Z, Beyoncé, and Solange step into the elevator. Solange can be seen screaming at Jay before physically assaulting him, kicking and swinging at him.
A bodyguard attempts to hold her back, but she manages to land a kick before Jay grabs her foot. Meanwhile, Beyoncé stands back and eventually gets in the middle of them to block the fight.
At one point, the bodyguard hits the emergency switch on the 12th floor to stop the elevator from opening. It’s unclear what triggered the fight. 

Watch the wild footage when you continue…….


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    • Exactly. My question is why Beyonce let it happen and then leave with her sister. Obviously something happened and she felt no need to intervene.

  1. ou people are immediately placing all the blame here on Beyonce's sister, calling her crazy…saying she should be arrested? What happened to make her hit him like that? You all think he's so innocent and perfect??? Why is Beyonce just letting it happen? Why did Beyonce get into the car with her sister instead of JayZ?

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