Watch The Movie Trailer For The Super Hot Novel ”Fifty Shades Of Grey”

WATCH Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Trailer - It's Smokin' Hot (VIDEO) 
If you haven’t read the novels ”Fifty shades of grey trilogy” (Fifty shades of Grey, Fifty shades darker and Fifty shades Freed), you wont understand the heck am talking about. If your into Kinky sex or just wants to explore your fantasy while’st also enjoying their wonderful romantic story, go buy the novels off Amazon or download using google search
I have to admit, i really enjoyed the novels and have started reading novels of similar sort and cant wait to explore my fantasy so when I heard that Dakota Johnson was cast as Anastasia Steele my high hopes for the film adaptation kind of Fifty Shades of Grey kind of went out the window cos i was expecting an American A-list actress to play the lead role. As it is taking this from novel to the
big screen was going to be a difficult task. The wrong casting seemed
like an instant series killer before any scenes were even filmed. Let me
say, after seeing the trailer that was released yesterday, I totally
get it. From the looks of things, Dakota really IS Ana. I was sold in 2
minutes and 30 seconds and from the looks of things, am sure you guys will be also.
Dakota and Jamie Dornan who is portraying the controlling Mr. Grey, look great together and
that heat that is so vital for this film certainly does exist between
them. Granted the trailer has really been packaged brilliantly but I
dare you to watch it and tell me that you aren’t at the very least
curious about the finished product. As it stands now, Fifty Shades of
Grey has a release date of Valentine’s Day 2015, i pray i buy it online that same day.
Check out the trailer of Fifty Shades of
Grey below and tell us your thoughts. Will you be running to see it?

If you cant watch the video above, click on this link

There is still the question about how
this film will be rated. Given the S&M content it’s hard to imagine
it living up to the book and getting an R rating. If it gets an NC-17
rating, which it likely should have, then that’ll be a first for a hotly
anticipated, major Hollywood film. The Fifty franchise could easily
pave the way for Hollywood to begin pushing limits more and not steering
clear of such an adult rating and imagine what will happen when the
movie is finally shown on Nigerian cinema’s, Nollywood will go haywire
(Infact they’ve even started).

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