PHOTO: Mad Man Attack And Stabs Two Policemen With Bottle

madman stab police lagos 700x335 Photo: Mad Man Stabbed Police Officers In Alakija Lagos

The mad man inside the police truck in the photo above was arrested at Alakija bus stop in Lagos after he allegedly attacked two policemen on duty with a bottle. The incident happened inside the premises of a Redeemed Christian Church of God in Alakija area of Lagos state yesterday.

The policemen on duty were attacked as they tried to chase an insane woman away from the premises of the aforementioned church.

According to an eyewitness:

“Trouble started when the woman was stand­ing in front of the church and policemen deployed to the area attempted to evict her. 

“Suddenly, a madman, who was watching what was going on, went to meet the policemen ostensibly to stop them. 

“The policemen left the woman and confronted the insane man. They started beating him with their ba­tons. The madman, who was with a stick started flogging the policemen. 

“Suddenly, the madman brought out a broken bottle from his bag and stabbed the two policemen, who were later rushed to Navy Town Hospital by church mem­bers and onlookers. 

“News got to other police­men attached to the church that their colleagues had been stabbed by the mad­man and they reinforced and began to look for the mad­man, whom they found at Alakija Bus-stop. 

“The five policemen sur­rounded the madman and tried to overpower him and after much struggle, they tied him up with a rope and bundled him into their van and took him back to the church for interrogation.”

Many people who witnessed the drama said the woman and the man are both kidnappers disguised as insane people to carry out their evil plot.

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