18 Year Old Courtney Dike Explains Why She Rejected Federal Government’s $7000 World Cup Bonus

After it was revealed that 18 year old Nigerian-American U20 Falconet team players Courtney Dike rejected the winning bonuses allotted to her, She explained the reason behind her rejection of the $7,000 bonus handed to her and other players by the government for winning silver at the 2014 Women’s World Cup.

Courtney Dike 1

She says accepting the bonus would have seen her lose her near $35,000 annual football scholarship at the Oklahoma State University under NCAA rules. A statement from her when you continue…..

“I would like to respond to what I have been reading on the internet about rejecting bonuses.I am delighted to play for Nigeria whenever called upon. ‘ 

I knew before leaving for the U-20 World Cup that I would not accept any bonuses.

Courtney Dike 2


Acceptance of prize money is against NCAA regulations (the division 1 collegiate governing body) here in the US, so that is the main reason for rejecting it.Knowing this beforehand, I still chose to represent the country because I believed the experience would be more valuable than the money, and I was right.”

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