Checkout The Dresses Nicki Minaj Rocked Last Night Hosting The MTV Europe Music Awards

Last night, MTV held its annual Europe Music awards and Nicki Minaj hosted and also performed at the award.

Hitting the stage: Show host Nicki Minaj was lowered onto the
stage on Saturday night with her 14ft train below her
Peep more pictures when you continue………

Ladylike: She was lovely in bright red and matching shoes
Skin tight: Nicki showed off her chest and her curves in a
sheer-fronted one piece
Stunner: Nicki wore a cut away dress to accept her award

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Awards winner: Despite being the host and the performer, Nicki was
also an award winner on the nightLooking leggy: For her most demure look, Nicki showed off her long
limbs that looked bronzed against her white outfit
Killing it: Nicki's fans said she was killing it and making them
laugh out loud with her stage antics
She wore this when she performed her hit song! FAB!

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