Photos From Governor Adams Oshimole’s Wedding To An Ethiopian Girl

Edo state Governor Adams Oshimole today married a beautiful Ethiopian model Lara Fortes. ‎
Photos From Governor Adams Oshimole's Wedding To An Ethiopian Girl 1
The wedding took place at the Etsako West Local Government Council Marriage Registry, Auchi, while the reception is about to begin at the governor’s country home, Iyamho.
The governor lost his first wife, Clara, five years ago to cancer. 
During her burial service, Oshiomhole said: 

“My marriage with Clara was a miracle of God because without her many things would have been impossible in my life. I will always remember what my wife told me, that once I am with God nothing evil can come to me.”

Adams Oshiomhole sent out a personally signed letter to friends and associates inviting them to his wedding and he also apologized for the late timing. In the wedding invitation sent out, Oshiomhole wrote

 “While looking forward to the honour of your distinguished presence, I sincerely crave your pardon for the rather short notice.

Please accept the renewed assurances of my highest esteem,”

Pretty Lara Fortez is an Ethiopian, a former air-hostess and model.
President elect Muhammdau Buhari, Desmond Elliot, Chinedu Ikedieze aka Aki, are among the known faces who graced the event. Peep more pictures when you continue…..


Photos From Governor Adams Oshimole's Wedding To An Ethiopian Girl 2
Photos From Governor Adams Oshimole's Wedding To An Ethiopian Girl 3
Photos From Governor Adams Oshimole's Wedding To An Ethiopian Girl 4
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Mr. Oshiomhole’s first wife, Clara Oshiomhole, died 5 years ago in December 2010, after a long fight with cancer. She was 54 years old. Clara was the initiator of the Health Foundation for Maternal and Child Care, – a project aimed at providing healthcare for pregnant women and female children.
Above is Governor Adams Oshimole’s new wife and below is his late wife
Earlier, in 2013, while celebrating his fifth year as governor of Edo state, Oshiomhole explained the reasons why he didn’t want to re-marry after the death of his wife. The governor told press:

“Any woman who agrees to marry a man who is not rich, a man who alternates between police stations and cells and lives in a one or two bedroom apartment that is your real love.

 When my wife [Clara] said I love you, it was from her heart.”

May her beautiful soul rest in peace and I pray for the new couple’s happiness and a blissful married life.
Photos From Governor Adams Oshimole's Wedding To An Ethiopian Girl 6
Meanwhile i was even thinking he was going to marry that widow he told ”go and die” lol
Photos From Governor Adams Oshimole's Wedding To An Ethiopian Girl 7
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  1. Once a man is in love and in euphoric masturbation of marriage, no preaching can change anything! While wishing Oshiomhole happy marriage, anybody can make any observation(s) because the man is in public domain. What is a man like Oshiomhole who is near 60, who would soon be a grandfather, that is if he is not yet one, want in marriage? Is he looking for companion or looking for children? Does he want to start going to nursery school to pick up kids or looking for somebody that provide him with emotional and other supports that matured women give to their husbands? I have no right to disapprove of his choice here, but if I were to advice, I would rather he went for a more matured woman that would complement his status as governor and prominent politician than a beautiful ‘gazelle’ he probably met while he flew Ethiopian Airlines. Beauty is not always enough. Why did Mandela marry Graca Michelle after he divorced Winnie? I wish him well!

  2. is too old for this he need to be thinking of ways to get closer to his creator before he dies and not women, a younger woman will not bring back his youth or make him any younger, instead she would take all you labored for, all your life till you married her, and Continue to enjoy his labour long after his death

  3. After four years of being a widower the man decided to marry another woman that pleases his heart and the next thing is for some people to start making some uncoplimetary comment about the man’s choice. My prayer for them is may they become a widower like osho. so they can make a good choice of another wife.

  4. I pray may ur heart desire for taking this woman as a wife be granted to u in Jesus Mighty name. Bible says, he that findeth a wife finds a good thing and obtaineth FAVOUR FROM the LORD. U see, the problem is in finding, it does not matter how and where u were able to find. Again, finding a WIFE. Many hav succeeded finding a knife istead of finding a Wife. That was the essence of my prayer in the sentence of complementing with u, His Excellency. As for critics, u better watch ur mouth becos, the bible says….” Whatsoever you sow, u will reap….” It say again, whatsoever you use to measure for some else, shall be used to be measured for u. If u are wishing a man[ who has respected his deceased Wife for Five years now and decided to take a litlle succor] bad in his quest to be consoled and move on with the affairs of life, just get ready, it will soon fly to ur hand. Once more, I say more best u expected in this marriage come your way.

  5. Useless old man dis lady is Jst after d “Benjamins” she will marte as soon as u run out of cash 2 sustain her or dos Edo Boyz 4rm Yankee will tk over.

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