Checkout This Monster Crocodile Killed At An Unnamed Resort

Wow, this monster crocodile was killed at an unnamed resort.

A photograph showing an enormous crocodile caught in a popular fishing spot has been terrifying viewers from Australia to the UK and Africa.

The photo was posted on Facebook with warnings that people should avoid waters where the monster reptile was caught – but few clues to the actual location.

A woman in the UK Lynsey Clayton Saudan posted the photo, which left thousands of people desperately trying to work out where the massive creature has come from.

In the photo three men can be seen standing on each other’s shoulders to show just how big the crocodile is as it hangs from a tree.

The image has now been shared more than 12,000 with many croc crusaders believing that the photograph could have been taken in the Northern Territory or Far North Queensland.

It seems the Woman deliberately did not want to include the name of the resort for fears of people boycotting it over safety concern.

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