WOW after 56 years of marriage, this Nigerian couple are still madly in love with each other (WATCH)

We youngsters need to learn a tip or two from this old very much in love couple. In an age where marriage breakups are gradually becoming a norm, there’s nothing more refreshing than seeing an old couple still in love and able to make each other laugh.

Nigerian Filmmaker, Onye Ubanutu documented the story of Victoria and Lucky Okoloko Ideh who got married in 1960.

Narrating how they first met, Pa Lucky said they had each visited a club and he was captivated by the way Madam Victoria danced and shook her waist.

He thereafter followed her home and they started dating.

Speaking on what has kept them going, the couple who punctuated their narration with a good deal of banter and humour revealed that it is the love they have for each other, and their children which has kept them together.

Watch the video below…

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