Japanese Doctor who donated $390,000 To Nigerian Football Team in Rio Fulfills His Promise [PHOTO]

Japanese millionaire doctor Katsuya Takasu had earlier promised to reward Nigerian football players at the Rio Olympics if they win the gold medal.
He later changed his mind and said he’ll reward them with cash if they get either gold, silver or bronze. He promised the players $10,000 each. He made a cheque of $200K to coach Samson Sia Sia and $190K to Captain John Mikel Obi.
The Surgeon actually flew to Brazil and watched the players today as they played Honduras for the bronze position. The picture above shows the millionaire with the players this evening after the match.

Hmmmm just like that?…..So this is how this Japanese man just decided it’s Super Eagles he wants to love? …Just like that. Lord please Bombard me with my helper….amen!
Read his earlier letter to Nigerian Embassy HERE

PHOTO: Fred Amata And His Daughter

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  1. Someone please explain this: you are about to give out such a huge amount of money as you promised, yet you are happy the team won. Even those that bet money on sports aren't happy if it goes in such a way that they have to be the ones paying out… Lol

    I hereby nominate Mr Takasu as Nigeria's sports Minister.

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