Keke Driver And Friends Arrested For Allegedly Trying To Hypnotize A Lady [PHOTOS]

A Keke rider and his friends who specialize in hypnotizing unsuspecting passengers in Akwa Ibom state, have been arrested in Akwa Ibom state.

It was alleged that they touch their victims with charms and the un-suspecting victim follows them just like that.

But they ran out of luck on Thursday when their charm failed to work on a young lady.

The incident which caused panic among resident, happened along Oron Road close to Uruan Street, Uyo.

They had waved their charm over the lady in broad daylight and then ordered her to come with them, however, the charm refused to work on the lady and she raised alarm when they rough handled her.

They were beaten and later handed over to Ewet Housing Estate Police officers who came to their rescue.

More photos below…

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