Nobody Should Be Surprised If I Kill My Husband Tomorrow – Lady Shares Her Story

A young lady has shared a story about her husband and how she’s being pushed to kill him.

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The young lady shared her story on Instagram,….According to her, she got married to a man who has no job and has refused to go into business claiming to love only white collar jobs.

The lady who told her story on make_or_breakup, revealed that she does everything for him to cover up for his lapses and make him feel more like a man.

However, her whole world crashed recently when she realized the man had gotten another woman pregnant

Below is how she put the story (sic):

“Nobody should be surprise when they hear in the news about a lady who killed her husband. Nobody should be surprised if I murder him tomorrow.

“I got married to him last 2 years, yes I knew he was jobless but I believed in his dreams, sponsored our wedding and pay him monthly allowance from my own salary. I tried to open a business for him but he said he is not a business person,he prefers white color jobs, which we have been trying our best and submitting his cv in different places.

“I have covered up his shame, carried the family on my shoulders, paid all his siblings school fees and assist his mums business .But his begging habit piss me off, this my so called husband begs me as low as offering in church, money for recharge card,money for fuel as much as he is driving my car and I pick taxi to work just to make him feel like a man, still no way.

“I never wanted money to be an issue even tho it was so I kept swallowing it. Not until he started stealing from me,faking my signature and selling my valuables . I tried to over look it but it was getting out of hand, I needed to know what he does with all this money, so I started digging.

“Do you all know that this man got a girl pregnant, rented an apartment for her, bought her a small golf4,and steal some of my cloths to give her. Because in some of her photo I saw her wearing some of my missing dresses and necklace. this lady is about 6 month pregnant , that means it’s a very recent act.

“I have all my facts including the whatssap messages they exchange,recently he has been over fucking me each time he notices that I am angry, he will lick all my body down to my toe and fuck me silly to bribe me. I will not rant or shout, neither will I lament or cry, but I must have my pound of flesh and make his suffer slowly till be begs for death. Am writing my story as regards to the post yesterday night on keeping a man only with your good attitude.

“The truth is, they will leave you because they are not joined to you and if they are not joined to you,you can’t make them stay. It has nothing to do with attitude but choice.”

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