This man took a night bus from Abuja to meet Mark Zuckerberg.

A man on Facebook took a night bus from Abuja to Lagos to see Mark Zuckerberg. He said as soon as he heard Mark Zuckerberg was in Lagos, he packed his things and boarded a night bus to Lagos.
Back in May, an Abuja based man, Gaius Chibueze, said he wants to make history by being the first person in the world to meet all his 5000 Facebook followers one-on-one. Gauis then claimed he was determined to achieve this feat and had a roaster for the dates his followers can meet him in different states.
After news broke that Mark Zuckerberg had arrived in Lagos yesterday, Gaius shared a screenshot of a supposed chat he had via Facebook with him, where he requested for a one-one-one meet. 
Although the billionaire Facebook founder didn’t agree at first due to his busy schedule, he eventually gave a slight nod of approval when Gaius promised to get 100,000k shares to raise awareness on the social media site.
Below is the last post from him and I want to believe he was able to make it to Lagos safe and sound. 
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