Woman Cries Out On Facebook, Says She Was Beaten In Front Of Her Son By Ex Husband Who Threatened To Kill & Bury Her

Lynda Oguzie during happy times.

Lynda Oguzie has cried out for help on Facebook.  The lady pictured above has alleged that  her ex-husband whom she had a son with beat her up in front of their son and has threatened that he will kill and bury her and nothing will happen to him.

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The lady made the allegations on Facebook. She wrote:

I got the beatings of my life today in front of my son, just because I visited my son. I can’t keep quiet anymore because my life I at stake, I’m posting this here because I don’t know what will happen to me next.  My ex husband told me he will kill and bury me and nothing will happen to him. I can’t tell my mum about this trait because of her health.

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