LOL! Twitter Thinks Donald Trump’s Family Is In Mourning & Dressed To Attend A Funeral

donald trump hillary clinton final debate
The final debate between America’s presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump just ended, and trust Americans to have a field day on Twitter. [If you missed the debate, read it here]

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump wore a dark suit and a red tie for his final showdown against his Democratic challenger, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who herself wore a white mandarin-collar suit.

But, according to social media, Trump’s family didn’t look like they were dressing for victory.

Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka, his wife Melania, and daughter-in-law Vanessa Trump all showed up to watch the third debate at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas in black.

Indeed, some on Twitter thought that it seemed like the Trump family seemed…to be in deep mourning.

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