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For The Gents! Four Nigerian Male Fashion Influencers Whose Style Will Inspire You

With the steady and fast rise of the social media especially Instagram and Pinterest, getting style inspiration has never been easier. For the first time ever we no longer have to wait for our Vogue or InStyle magazines to get delivered before we realize that florals are in this spring or that denim shorts are what all the cool kids are wearing, now we can simply scroll through our Instagram feeds and observe what our favorite fashion bloggers, icon and influencers are wearing and enjoy the fashion slay and of course, get slayspired.


The problem with this is who do you follow? Who is going to have your Instagram feed filled with premium fashion content that will have you excited and inspired to dress better? In this article, I have curated four of Nigeria’s most stylish male fashion influencers whose fashion sense and distinct style will have you trying new things and revamping old ones:

1. Denola Grey | Instagram: @denolagrey

Debonair, versatile and always perfectly dressed are some of the words I can use to describe this TV host, actor and fashion consultant. Denola’s ability to wear anything from a pair of shorts, a simple tee shirt and jeans to a suit and still consistently look like a thousand bucks is unbelievable and phenomenal.

2. Adebayo Oke-Lawal | Instagram @theorangenerd

If you want a fashion icon who is going to give you something different, then this fashion designer is your best bet. Adebayo’s style boders on androgyny and he experiments a lot with fabric, colours and isn’t afraid to go down the road less traveled with his outfits, this Of course results with very unique looks that stands out. So if you want edgy, daring and stylish fashion inspiration then Adebayo is your best bet.

3. Kuyet Bamai | Instagram @kuyetbamai

Kuyet’s style is very boy-next-door-ish; simple tees, denim jackets, sweaters, bandanas etc. Regular fashion items that almost everyone wears but he revamps it all in a way that makes you truly wonder ‘how does he do it?’ The beauty of Kuyet’s style is the fact that when you scroll through his feed you get inspiration for regular outfits that can be worn to school, simple hang outs etc

4. Akin Faminu | Instagram @akinfaminu


Medic by day, fashion influencer, blogger and slayer by night Akin Faminu proves that you can really do it all if you truly want. His style is a classic gentleman with the occasional mix of afrocentricity which makes it edgy when needed. His ability to wear suits severally without looking repetitive is truly iconic.

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