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Style Blogger and Visual Content Creator Ifeoma Amadi Is The Fashion Girl You Should Be Following!

The first thing I do every morning is reach for my phone, check the time and confirm that I woke up way too late then open my Instagram app and proceed to scroll through in awe of people’s outfits and amazing pictures which all serve to inspire me to do, dress and be better that day. Personally I follow influencers and creatives from almost every niche you can think of and they all serve to give me a morning kick better than any cup of coffee and I personally find it intriguing how different people tell stories using different mediums: from food to fashion to beauty, Instagram in it’s own way is a never ending pool of creativity manifesting itself in unique ways and although I shy away from naming one Instagrammer as my favorite, I can’t help but say Ifeoma Amadi (@thesvnflwr) is definitely in my top two list (P.S she isn’t number two).


Ifeoma is a multi talented creative whose passion and talent seems to lie in her ability to tell stories through visual content as well as her unique gift in seeing the beauty in everything and anything from the skies, a coconut, a flower and so much more. This young creative has harnessed these gifts in her every day life as a fashion blogger with a simple, basic, inexpensive but breathtaking style, a successful social media manager for brands and a visual content creator/photographer. While all of this is absolutely amazing, what we are going to focus on is her style and gorgeously cohesive Instagram feed.


This style blogger stands out from the fashion cool kid crowd because of her relatable style, the fact that a good number of her clothing comes from the thrift market and personal DIY projects she undertakes and shares with her blog readers/Instagram followers, her funny captions and because of her unbelievably cohesive Instagram feed which seems to have been curated by the gods themselves!


So if you want daily style inspiration then Ifeoma’s Instagram feed should be your go to, take a look at some of her amazing looks!



Photo Credit: Instagram @thesvflwr

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