Drama As Woman Catches Her Husband With His Lover In Public [Photos]

There was a mild drama on the street of Zimbabwe after a wife caught her husband and his side chick off-guard in public. She embarrassed them mercilessly.

According to BMetro, on Christmas Eve, a husband and his side chick were having a nice time at 9th Avenue, George Silundika Street in Zimbabwe. Before they knew it, the man’s wife was by their side demanding answers.

After failing to give convincing answers, the scorned wife unleased her wrath on both of them. She started with the girlfriend identified as Caroline Matanga, before turning to her husband who was already trembling with fear.

The incident caused a huge scene giving Passers-by a free movie to watch as the two lovebirds were embarrassed in public.

The girlfriend identified as Caroline tried to calm the situation by telling the woman that she didn’t know that the man was married, but she ended up getting bashed and slapped for “being stupid”.

“How can you see a grown up man like this and think he is single? You are lying as you can even see he is clean to show that someone is taking care of him.

“You are a prostitute and I will teach you a lesson,” said the wife slapping Caro on the face.

The husband’s efforts to restrain his fuming wife were not fruitful as he ended up getting his own slap before she held him by his manhood in public.

“You have been lying claiming that you are now impotent, but you are busy with your girlfriend. You are even failing to support your five children because of this woman.

“Today I will teach you a lesson,” she said.

When the woman turned to her husband, it was a good opportunity for Caro to run for her dear life leaving her car parked along 9th Avenue and George Silundika Street where they met the woman.

The embarrassed man, seeing that people were busy taking pictures and videos of their drama, ran inside a Chronicle building, but unfortunately, the security guard chased him out.

The man and his lover were later saved from the embarrassing scene by a man who drove them away in his vehicle.

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