Ariana Grande Says She Will Stay Single For The Rest Of This Year, Even The Rest Of Her life

Ariana Grande has said she’s currently not dating anyone and plans to stay single for the rest of this year and maybe even rest of her life.

Earlier today, the singer came across a question posted by Elite Daily which says:

“Who is Ariana Grande dating now?”

Grande herself replied the question by asking:

“Can they tell me too?”

She then followed up with a subsequent tweet in which she explained that she wasn’t dating anyone and doesn’t have any plans to either. Ariana wrote on Twitter:

“Spoiler: for the rest of this year/probably my life: It’s no one. Please refer back to this tweet for future questions.”

Judging by an Instagram post shared by Grande on New Year’s Day, she’s glad to have the past year behind her.

“Farewell 2018, you f—,” she wrote. “I hope this new year brings you all much laughter, clarity and healing. Be gentle with yourselves and each other.

“If we made it through this last year, we’ll for sure make it through this one. Thank you for everything.”

2018 was a tumultuous year in the Ariana Grande’s love life, which saw her breaking off her rapid engagement to Pete Davidson.

Despite her career success over the past 12 months, Grande says she’s glad to have waved goodbye to 2018.

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