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R. Kelly’s Former Girlfriend Claims He Got Aaliyah Pregnant, And Had Sex With Aaliyah’s Mom [ Video]



R. Kelly's Former Girlfriend Claims He Got Aaliyah Pregnant, And Had Sex With Aaliyah's Mom [ Video] 3

R.Kelly‘s former girlfriend, Lisa Van Allen, has opened up about how the singer confided in her about his past sexual experiences, as well as discussed his highly publicized connection to Aaliyah.

During an interview with Vlad TV, Lisa Van Allen opened about how R.Kelly told her about his sister molesting him as a child, and also about his relationship with Aaliyah.

Lisa says that R. Kelly told her about marrying a then 15-year-old Aaliyah after getting her pregnant and the two singers making a pact to never tell anyone about the situation.

Van Allen discussed the decades-old rumor that the late singer and Kelly had gotten married due to Aaliyah becoming pregnant when she was only 15 years old, resulting in the decision to forge a marriage license that changed her age to 18. Their secret and illegal marriage was reportedly ended in 1995.

Van Allen admitted that the rumor Kelly got Aaliyah pregnant is indeed fact, adding a speculative explanation as to why Aaliyah’s family has vocally supported the since-disgraced singer over the years.

“The reason [Kelly and Aaliyah] got married was because they felt like if he was married to her and if he said he thought she was 18, that he wouldn’t be charged if someone found out she was pregnant until they were able to get the abortion and get [the marriage] annulled,” Van Allen shared with DJ Vlad.

Lisa also says that R. Kelly told her that he was having sexual intercourse with Aaliyah’s mother when they would go home to her house in Detroit after Aaliyah was asleep in the other room.

“He actually stayed at their home in Detroit,” Van Allen told DJ Vlad, referencing Aaliyah’s parents’ home. “And [Aaliyah’s] mother was sexually attracted to him as well and [R. Kelly] said when Aaliyah would go to sleep, that he would go in the living room and him and her would do s-xual acts on the couch while Aaliyah was sleeping in the bedroom.”

Van Allen and Kelly were romantically linked while the former was only 17 years old. She claims their own past s-xual abuse as children helped bring them close together.

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