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Helen Paul Doesn’t Hate Her Father, Despite Being Born Out Of Rape



Helen Paul Doesn't Hate Her Father, Despite Being Born Out Of Rape 3

Popular Nigerian comedienne, Helen Paul has revealed that she does not hat her father for raping her mother.

Recall that Helen Paul shocked Nigerians when she revealed that she was born out of rape while celebrating the doctorate degree she recently got from the University of Lagos.

During an interview with Sunday Scoop, Helen Paul said she didn’t regret sharing the true story of her birth. She stated:

“I chose the occasion to reveal the story of my birth because I dedicated the degree to my mother. There is time for everything and I felt it was time to tell the world. Apparently, it’s not even my story; it’s my mother’s. I am humbled and grateful to God for seeing me through the programme. Everyone was happy for me in my family. Even when I finished secondary school, everyone was excited for me. We celebrate each other in my household.”

Paul said despite her father’s misconduct at the time, she had never held any grudge against him. She stated:

“I am on good terms with my father. Is there anyone who doesn’t have a cordial relationship with his or her father? That can only happen if you are a terrible child. Regardless of what your father might have done to you in the past, your father remains your father. If I said I was not affected by it while growing up, that wouldn’t be honest. It could affect anyone but I used my situation to my advantage. It inspired me to always do more and be the best, instead of being depressed.”

Helen Paul also stated that she was not done with learning, arguing that once one stopped learning, the person would stop functioning.

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