Politician With 9 Family Members, Breaks Down In Tears After Getting 5 Votes [Video]

Politics cries infront of camera because his ‘dishonest’ family of nine lied to him that they will root for him.

An Indian politician identified as Neetu Shuttern Wala, broke down in tears on camera after getting 5 votes even though he has 9 family members who are eligible voters.

The Independent politician from Punjab who contested in the general election, broke down in tears while being interviewed as he expressed disappointment in getting 5 votes even though he has 9 family members.

The clip from the interview went viral, with some calling it the “biggest election story” of the day.

The reporter asked him why he had received only five votes, to which he replied: “Sir, there are nine votes in my family, but I received only five.”

When asked if even his family hadn’t voted for him, he replied: “No sir, they have been dishonest.”

Reporter: What did you think while you were campaigning? Do you think there has been some mistake? From the nine votes at home you have got only five.

Wala: There has been dishonesty, the machines were tampered with. People swore that they had voted for me.

Reporter: What do you think? Anything you would like to say?

Wala: I won’t contest the election again. If the outcome is like this, what is the point? I fought the election with a lot of difficulty.

Reporter: You are going to give up so easily?

Wala: Sir what can I say…I have received only five votes.

Reporter: You are saying there were nine votes from your family, but your family didn’t support you. So what can you expect from others?

Wala: Nothing. Those who went to vote are thieves. The ink is applied to make sure a person doesn’t vote more than once, so these people are like thieves. I don’t know what they did. I won’t fight elections again. I contested with a lot of difficulty but in vain.

Watch the video below:

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