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Becca’s Mom Calls Her Nigerian Husband A ‘Thief’ After He Accused Her Of Being A ‘Witch’



Becca's Mom Calls Her Nigerian Husband A 'Thief' After He Accused Her Of Being A 'Witch' 3

Julie Yiadom-Oti, the mother of Ghana’s celebrated vocalist, Becca, has hit back at her daughter’s Nigerian husband, Daniel Oluwa Tobi Sanni, after reports emerged that the mother’s relationship with her daughter had broken down through the influence of Tobi.

A report surfaced on Friday, June 28, 2019, that Tobi had barred his wife Becca who gave birth in October 2018 from seeing her mother because she’s a witch and could harm their newborn baby.

Addressing the report in a video interview with Chris-Vincent Agyapong on Facebook, Becca’s mother confirmed the rift.

According to Madam Julie, Becca had not talked to her in about one year and even failed to inform her of the pregnancy.

The mother further revealed that Tobi, around the time of his marriage ceremony with Becca in August 2018, had suggested that he would her off from the daughter’s life and she was thus not surprised.

Guessing what might have Tobi to take such a decision, Becca’s mother stated that she believed her continuous warnings to her daughter to be prudent about her finances when the talk of marriage started did not go down well with Tobi.

The mother further stated that she was only doing her duty a good mother and so Tobi would not be worried or trying to secure the bag if he was not a thief who has his eyes on her daughter’s money. She said:

“I’m not the one in charge of Becca’s finances, the only advice I give her constantly is that she should be careful of how her wealth is managed. But since Tobi is a thief, a thief always thinks another thief is coming to steal something from him,” Becca’s mum passionately said.

“Of course when you’re the husband, you have to take care of the family, but the fact that you’re a thief you think that I’m coming to steal from my own daughter?

“If you want to chop all her money that’s up to him, and her,” the woman said.

Watch the video below:

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