Medical Doctor Stabs Fellow Doctor From Another Company With Knife At Accident Scene [Video]

A paramedic stabbed a colleague from another company at an accident scene on the R55.

A paramedic reportedly stabbed a colleague from another health center at an accident scene on the R55 in South Africa.

According to, the two health workers had an argument at the accident scene, and out of anger, one of them walked to the emergency van and pulled out a knife with which he stabbed his colleague.

Twitter user Yusuf Abramjee who posted an aftermath video of the incident said:

A paramedic stabbed a colleague from another company at an accident scene on the R55 earlier today. The men argued

It is not clear what exactly triggered the argument between the two paramedics.

The matter has gotten to the attention of the Johannesburg Emergency Management Services, and it expressed worry over the incident, describing it as criminal.

Robert Mulaudzi, spokesperson for the Johannesburg Emergency Management Services is quoted as saying:

“I don’t belong to the organisation but I believe that I have a responsibility to apologise. This is a criminal act and we cannot work like that.”

It is reported that following over 30 attacks on paramedics across South Africa, the country’s Emergency Personnel Union called on health workers to start carrying firearms to protect both themselves and their patients.

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