Nigerian Footballer, Ibrahim Salisu Sold To Kano Club For £10 [N5,000]

Super Stars club set a new record for the most expensive transfer in Kano State after signing Ibrahim Salisu Iriyos for N5000.

Super Stars Club, a division two football club in Kano State FA league has signed a new player, Ibrahim Salisu Iriyos, for the sum of £10.86 (N5,000).

According to BBC Pidgin, the transfer is the most expensive one in the town as Iriyos used to play for Aston Villa Gano, before his transfer to Super Stars.

Ibrahim Salisu Iriyos is known for scoring many goals in Aston Villa Gano which brought him to the attention of the Super Stars’ management.

The transfer transaction was led by Idin Gano, chairman of Super Stars club. The terms of the transfer were agreed in a meeting with the Aston Villa Gano coach, Abba Alasan.

Aston Villa Gano is a football club in Dawakin Kudu local government area for Kano. The same town where the Super Stars club is located. (NAN)

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