80-Year-Old ‘James Bond’ Actor Boasts About Having S£x With More Than 1000 Women

George Lazenby has boasted about bedding a thousand girls in his prime.

80-year-old James Bond actor, George Lazenby has boasted about having sex with a lot of girls during his prime in the movie industry.

At simply 29, George Lazenby grew to become the youngest individual to play James Bond in 1969.

Speaking of his promiscuous life at that time, the 80-year-old Australian told The Herald Sun on Sunday that he has likely slept with more than a thousand women in his time, adding: “I would go through six girls a week in London.”

He added: “It was the time of the capsule, mini-skirts, the ladies had been loopy. You needed to run and conceal after some time.”

He stated that rumours of him bedding a thousand girls was most probably true, explaining: “There wasn’t something higher to do. I do not know, I by no means counted but it surely went on from 1964 till 1980 when AIDS got here in. I did not wish to die for it.”

Describing one embarrassing sexual encounter on the 1969 film set, George said:

“I was messing with the receptionist at the hotel in the stuntman’s tent and she [co-star Diana Rigg] was walking up the path and the boys lifted the side of the tent up and there I was on the job. That blew it with Diana and me.”

The legendary star received a Golden Globe nomination for his portrayal of 007, but refused to make another Bond film as he thought the franchise was ‘over’.

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