Church Worker Accused Of Molesting Two Small Girls, Claims He Was Teaching Them Prayers

The church worker allegedly inserted his fingers in the vagina of two daughters of a fellow member of his church.

A church worker, Chucks Isaac has been dragged before a Special and Sexual Offences Court sitting in Ikeja, for allegedly inserting his finger in the private part of two girls aged 8 and 11 assigned to him in Our Lady of Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Ogba, Lagos State.

Chuks was arrested in October 2015 from his residence that he inserted his fingers in the vagina of two daughters of a fellow member of his church.

However, during his trial before Justice Oluwatoyin Taiwo on Thursday, February 13, 2020, Chucks denied the alleged act.

“The following morning when they brought me out of the cell, I saw Mrs. Ugwu the complainant’s mother and the police asked if I know them and I said they are my members in the Catholic church.

“One policewoman alleged that Mrs. Ugwu said that the daughter (name withheld) told her that I fingered her.

He told the court that he couldn’t have sexually abused the children at the Block Rosary which was a trekking distance from the main church for the adults on Ondo Street, Ogba and that many other instructors teaching other languages were present in their corners.

He further told the judge that even the priest comes in from time to time to supervise the activities which he said takes place between 6:00p.m and 7:00p.m.

The defendant explained that the arm of the church constitutes both adult and children members who do not know how to pray, he said.

Meanwhile, the investigative officer had earlier testified and tendered a statement where the defendant admitted to the alleged crime.

Led by defense counsel, Mr. C.C Amasiki, Chucks told the court that he didn’t write the statement admitted as evidence in court.

The defendant claimed he only learned how to read and write in prison custody.

” I didn’t make any statement. It was what the policewoman wrote. I saw her writing but I didn’t know what she was writing.”

“Later she brought a paper that I should sign which I said I can’t sign what I did not write, so when I refused the other one slapped me.

“We have different schools in prison, primary, secondary and University which is National Open University of Nigeria in Kirikiri Medium Prison.”

After hearing both parties, Justice Taiwo adjourned the matter until March 4 for continuation of trial.


Meanwhile, Lagos State Police Command has arrested a church protocol officer identified as Francis Duru for repeatedly blackmailing his church member and girlfriend with their nude pictures.

Victor Duru, a Madonna University drop out, was in the habit of luring church girls to hotels and his apartment, and taking their Nude photographs which he subsequently used to blackmail them in exchange for money.

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