Statistics Show How Much Nigerian Women Spend On Valentine’s Gift For Their Men – See Reactions

As today, February 14, 2020, marks the annual celebration of Valentine’s Day, a data company has released a statistics on how much women from different countries, including Nigerian women spend on gifts for their men.

The statistics which was released by StatiSense shows that women from Thailand, US, and UK spend more money on Valentine’s Day gits compared to Nigerian women who took the 36th position in ranking.


  • Thailand: $107
  • US: $107
  • UK: $104
  • China: $104
  • Ireland: $99
  • Germany: $88
  • Hong Kong: $87
  • France: $85
  • Greece: $83
  • Australia: $80
  • Spain: $79
  • Portugal: $78
  • Italy: $77
  • Sweden: $75
  • Switzerland: $73
  • 36th Nigeria: $27

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